Football Daily: the 31st is not only the important point to solve the historical arrears of wages, but also the first life-and-death barrier in the new season.

According to the Football News, December 31, a few days later, is the third node for the 2022 season to resolve historical arrears of wages (arrears of wages in 2021 and previous seasons), and it is also the first barrier of life and death for 2023 season admittance. Then there will be a 2023 season admission review, when the key content of the audit is whether there are wage arrears in the 2022 season.
The settlement of historical wage arrears in the 2022 season has a total of three nodes: the first node is July 31, where clubs have to solve 30% of historical wage arrears, Wuhan, Changjiang and Hebei in the Chinese Super League, and three clubs in Hunan Xiangtao in China B were deducted three league points for failing to meet the standards. The second node is the October 31 node, where clubs have to solve 70% of their historical arrears of wages, including Shanghai Shenhua, Wuhan Yangtze River and Hebei in the Chinese Super League, and eight clubs in the Chinese Super League, including Shaanxi Changan Athletic, Sichuan Jiuniu, Heilongjiang Ice City, Zibo Cuju and Jiangxi Beimen, which failed to meet the standards, were deducted 6 points from the league. The third node is December 31, when clubs have to settle all historical arrears of wages.
As for clubs that cannot be completed, the Chinese Football Association’s notice on the related work of the Chinese Super League, Chinese League An and League B in the 2022 season, issued on April 2, said: “clubs that fail to settle all arrears of wages on December 31, 2022 shall be punished by demotion or disqualification.” It should be noted again that the above nodes are only for historical arrears of wages, that is, the Football Association clearly stipulated that “arrears of wages for the club in and before the 2021 season”.
In addition, the Chinese Football Association made it clear in the notice on April 2: “clubs with new arrears of wages in the 2022 season will be punished by deducting 2023 season league points, relegation or disqualification as appropriate.” With regard to the arrears of wages in the 2022 season, in fact, it is the admission examination of the Chinese Super League in 2023, and there are many items to be examined and approved, but the current core content is whether the wages are in arrears or not.
Therefore, solving the problem of arrears of wages is actually divided into four steps: the three nodes to solve the historical arrears of wages (2021 season and before), and the access review node to solve the arrears of wages in 2022. The ultimate goal of solving the arrears of wages is for the clubs to be light in the 2022 season, so as to put the club on the track of healthy development.
It should be noted that there is a linkage between the December 31 node for the resolution of historical arrears of wages, and the access review node for the existence of arrears of wages in 2022 season. According to the current situation, whether a club will be deducted points, or be demoted, or be disqualified from registration, it is necessary to decide whether the historical arrears of wages will be resolved and whether there will be arrears of wages in 2022.
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