Football News: Wuhan Three Towns started as a youth training team and will face the double test of the league and the AFC in the future

January 1 News Yesterday, the Wuhan Three Towns Club held the first Chinese Super League in team history
Championship ceremony.
"Football News" published an article commenting that Wuhan Three Towns is a club that started with youth training, and what awaits them in the future will be the double test of the league and the AFC Champions League.
The 2022 Super League season finally ushered in the finale on December 31.
The three towns of Wuhan won the Chinese Super League championship, and as newly promoted, they won the Vulcan Cup.
This is the first men’s football top professional league championship trophy in the history of Wuhan football. With the women’s Super League championship, football can already be called a business card of the city.
At the awards ceremony, the club used videos to lead the audience to review the past few years of football in the three towns of Wuhan. The three towns club started with youth training and entered the professional sequence in 2018. It won the third level within three years.
League champion.
Every important node and stage of this season has been emphatically explained by the on-site host. The players in the three towns seem to find it incredible when they look at what they have gone through. They have achieved many clubs and teams that take many years to achieve.
They have also experienced many unexpected difficulties and paid the price of inexperience as newly promoted horses. When they reached the championship stage, they not only felt amazing, but also experienced the joy of growing up after experiencing setbacks.
The Football News commented that the 2022 Chinese Super League champions belong to the three towns of Wuhan, and it is also a gift from the club to the city.
In 2022, the three towns of Wuhan use the championship trophy to celebrate the new year. When they come to 2023, they are no longer newly promoted, but the defending champions. What awaits them is the double test of the league and the AFC Champions League. Of course, there is also the Football Association Cup that is close at hand
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