Former FIFA executive: Ruoying & likes to successfully bid for Euro 28, but it is difficult for Northern Ireland to host it.

December 25-in an interview with the Irish Sun, Boyce, former president of the Irish Football Association and vice president of FIFA, believes that Northern Ireland is unlikely to host the 2028 European Cup.
Boyce said: “although Northern Ireland is bidding for Euro 2028 with England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, it is highly unlikely that Casermen Park (the only bidding stadium in Northern Ireland) will be ready.” The Northern Ireland government has not yet met to discuss the release of funds for the reconstruction of the stadium, and the stadium is in poor condition. ”
“my real view is that it will be a miracle for Caserman Park to become the host stadium for Euro 2028 and it is unrealistic for the stadium to be rebuilt before the European Cup. I hope the bid will be successful, and I fully support it, but I think Northern Ireland can only hold some test competitions. ”
“when I was president of the Irish Football Association, I thought Northern Ireland should have a stadium big enough to host events like the European Cup, possibly the Maze Stadium. But now we are faced with a situation where there is no stadium in Northern Ireland to host the European Cup we are bidding for. ”