Freiburg midfielder: Coach Streich is very similar to Melo, they always want to do things better

January 15, Freiburg midfielder Grifo accepted the “picture
In an interview with the Daily News, he said that coach Streich is as aggressive as Messi and Ronaldo.

Grifo said: “Why are Ronaldo and Messi the best players? Because they never back down and always want to do things better. As a coach, I think that is also the case with Streich.
. No matter how well he was doing before, Streich was always looking for ways to optimize things and he was one of the best coaches in history.”

“I didn’t think about replacing Streich with anyone else, not even Nagelsmann, I’m sure Nagelsmann will understand what I’m saying. They are excellent coaches, I was in Hofen
Heim doesn’t play many games, it’s not because I don’t get along with Nagelsmann, it’s just that Streich’s Freiburg is more suitable for me. Without Streich, I wouldn’t be where I am now
Brilliant. He saw what I was capable of and he made players better every day, which is something extraordinary.”

(von Mario)