Full market: Milan were close to signing Enzo this summer, but did not make a formal offer

December 30-according to the market network, Milan were close to signing Enzo Fernandez this summer.
It is reported that the excellent performance in the World Cup has made Enzo Fernandez popular in the transfer market. Benfica bought 75 per cent of Enzo for 12 million euros a few months ago, and now it may already cost 120 million euros to sign Enzo. Chelsea seem willing to sign Enzo by paying liquidated damages. Rui Costa hopes to persuade Enzo to stay until next summer, but it may be difficult to succeed.
Now it is impossible for any Serie A team to sign Enzo because his price is too high. However, Milan were close to signing Enzo this summer, when both Milan and Fiorentina tried, but Benfica seized the opportunity and signed Enzo from Riverbed in mid-July.
Milan have been in contact with Enzo since March and Moncada visited Enzo in Argentina in May and communicated with Enzo. Enzo himself offered to go to Serie A to join Milan, but in the end neither Milan nor Fiorentina made a formal offer.
At that time, the transfer intermediary between Milan and Enzo, Guastadis Pinho, revealed that Milan did show great interest in Enzo at that time, perhaps if there were more time, Milan would make a formal offer. Unfortunately, Enzo was close to joining Milan, but in the end nothing happened between the two sides.
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