Germany Sky: Mukoko is not ready to accept Dortmund’s recent offer, Chelsea has sent an offer for him

January 3 According to German Sky Sports reports, Chelsea has offered Dortmund striker Muko
Co sent an offer.

Mukoko’s contract with Dortmund expires this summer.
According to a German Sky Sports report, before Christmas last year, Dortmund and Mukoko started contract renewal negotiations, but Mukoko did not intend to accept the renewal offer.
German media reported that at this stage Dortmund has provided him with an annual salary of 3 million euros plus bonuses, but Mukoko wants more.
The media expects that the next round of negotiations will take place this month.

In addition, Chelsea has already sent an offer for the young Dortmund striker, and Barcelona is also very interested in Mukoko.
From the current point of view, Mukoko is more likely to leave Dortmund.
Mukoko played 22 times for Dortmund this season, scoring 6 goals and contributing 4 assists.

(von Mario)