Glen Johnson: if Rushford leaves, he will go to Real Madrid 100%. It’s a galactic battleship.

December 15 News recently, Liverpool veteran Glen Johnson talked about the possibility of Manchester United striker Rushford joining Real Madrid in an interview.
Glen Johnson said it would be wise to sign Rushford if Benzema left Real Madrid: “it fills a huge gap; I’m a big fan of Rushford and when he’s at his best.” he’s unstoppable. If the price to sign him is much lower than he should be, and if his contract expires soon, I have no doubt that Real Madrid will sign him. ”
“is he qualified for Benzema’s position? We won’t know the answer to that question until he plays for the team in the Champions League week after week. Of course he has the potential. ”
“if Rushford leaves the team, he will go to Real Madrid 100%. This is a galactic battleship. You live in Madrid. Wherever you go, you will be paid enough. He doesn’t need to think about these things. Real Madrid will compete for the La Liga title, where you can always play in the Champions League and you can live in the sun. So I think there is no doubt that Rushford will go to Real Madrid if he leaves the team. ”