Guardian: After Burleigh took over, he led the transfer with data, and then scouts switched to Liverpool and City Group

January 5th, according to the "Guardian" report, in the Todd-Burley Consortium
After entering Chelsea, they began to use data to dominate the club’s transfer matters, and then the two scouts under the club switched to Liverpool and City Football Group respectively.

After taking over Chelsea, the Burleigh consortium has been paying attention to the internal structure of the club. It is reported that they have been focusing on Brighton’s recruitment model.
Subsequently, they introduced three staff from Brighton, namely coach Porter, Kyle Macaulay in charge of player recruitment and transfer director Paul Winstanley.
After the Boli Consortium took over, the original employees of Abramovich began to leave.
Two of the most recent departures, Sven Dworaczek returned to Liverpool, while Leonardo Masieri started working at City Football Group.

Dworaczek started working at Chelsea in August 2021 and has worked closely with Masieri.
It is reported that the terms of their newly signed contract are relatively generous, but Chelsea hope to introduce a multi-club model, and the data model will be more important than the traditional scouting system in the past.
Whereas scouts looked for stars in a certain place, analysts now focus on a specific spot on the court.