Gwadiol dreamed of playing for Liverpool when he was a child, and this club has always been in my heart

January 7 News Leipzig central defender Gwadiol said in an interview that Liverpool has always been in his heart.

With his outstanding performance in the Bundesliga and the World Cup, Gwadio has attracted the attention of many clubs. Regarding his future, he said in an interview last year: "I hope to play for Real Madrid one day."

In a recent interview, Gwadio was once again asked about the future. He said: "I am not in a hurry to transfer. Now I am playing in Leipzig. We still have six months to finish this season and win some.
Stuff, and then we will look to the future. I was close to a move last summer, but the club kept me. I hoped to spend the six months at Leipzig, Chelsea did not give up on me, but at the time it was agreed to wait until the winter window.

"The winter window is here so we need to see what to do next, but that’s okay, there’s still a lot of time and we’ll see how things go. No one has shown me anything yet, but I’m in no rush, we have time
, let them make plans, and then we’ll see."

When asked which club he dreamed of joining at the age of 10, Gwadio said: "It must be Liverpool. I have watched a lot of Liverpool games with my father since I was a child. We have followed the journey of each season in detail.
It’s a club that will always remain in my heart.”