Hainer told Bayern’s official website: we are Bayern and we always regard challenges as opportunities.

December 30 Bayern Munich Chairman Hainer in an interview with Bayern official website, he answered the World Cup players, injured players and other questions.
The following is an interview with Hainer:
What words would you use to describe Bayern’s year?
The most important thing is “happiness”, because the fans can return to the field and we can experience the sport and all its emotions again. Then there is satisfaction, because in our fast-paced world, I often miss out on what I appreciate and appreciate.
Bayern players returning from the World Cup in Qatar are in a mixed mood. What can be done to help them return to success quickly?
Sports, like life, is about overcoming negativity, learning lessons and looking forward to the future. I know our players very well and I know that after the winter break, they will really work with Bayern to achieve their big goals. The path of this generation is far from over. On the contrary, many of them have won the Champions League in 2020 and are accumulating experience season after season to repeat this success. As long as you stick to it, you can reach any peak. Our players will return to their sports homes after the holidays and will find their way back here.
Some commentators have suggested that Bayern’s goals for this season could be in jeopardy after Neuer and Lucas were injured. What do you think about it?
These two injuries are of course shocking. These two important pillars will disappear in the second stage of the season and our sports director Salihamidzic has announced that we are considering options in the transfer market. We are Bayern Munich and we always see challenges as opportunities. Our players will try their best to win the 2023 championship for their injured teammates.
What do you think of Nagelsmann’s second year in office?
Highly professional, very focused, always ready to move on to the next stage. In his second year here, he showed his personality. He accurately analyzed the areas for improvement and held many discussions with Strauss-Kahn and Salihamidzic. Nagelsmann knows how Bayern works. He has followed the club since he was a child and wants to achieve great things here. The important thing is that everyone knows that the success of last autumn is no longer important in spring. The defeat in last season’s Champions League 1/4 final taught us players that you can’t lose a second in an absolute top game and everyone knows that.