Half-time-Teo scored Giroux centre post + missed opportunity Lori attacked France 1-0 ahead of Morocco

December 15-at 3: 00 a.m. Beijing time on December 15, France competes against Morocco in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup. In the first half, Special Olympics opened the record, Geilu missed a good opportunity after the column, Lori God saved, France temporarily 1-0 ahead of Morocco.
[key events of the competition]
The 4th minute, Varane midfield straight, Grizman restricted area on the right side of the cross, Mbappe in the face of multiplayer defense door was blocked, Special Olympics follow-up volley shot, France 1-0 Morocco! ↓
[moment of focus of the competition]
The 9th minute, Onasi periphery attempts the long-range shot, Lori flies to save. ↓
In the 15th minute, Buffar pushed back the oblique plug in the middle, and Qiyeh shoveled out the bottom line from a small angle. ↓
The 16th minute, Konate backcourt long pass, Seth defensive mistakes, Giroux into the restricted area explosive shot hit the post. ↓
In the 20th minute, Moroccan captain Seth could not insist on being replaced due to injury, and Amara came on as a substitute. ↓
The 35th minute, Joan Ameni straight plug, Mbappe break through the door was rescued, Joan Ameni swept into the restricted area, no one marked Giroux missed. ↓
In the 43rd minute, Qiyehe took the corner kick, Amik barbed shot, Lori responded quickly and courageously resolved. ↓
[initial and replacement information of both parties]
French starters: 1-Lori, 5-Conde, 24-Konate, 4-Varane, 22-Teo, 8-Joan Ameni, 13-Verfana, 11-Dembele, 10-Mbappe, 7-Grizman, 9-Giroux
Substitutes did not appear: 16-Mandanda, 23-Arreola, 2-Pawar, 3-Disassi, 17-Salibe, 18-Pamecano, 6-Gondozzi, 15-Veratu, 25-Camavenga, 12-Muani, 20-Coleman, 26-Little Thuram
Moroccan starters: 1-Bunu, 3-Mazrawi, 18-Amik, 6-Seth (20-15-Amara), 20-Dari, 2-Ashraff, 8-Onassi, 4-Amrabat, 17-Buffar, 7-Ziyeh, 19-Ennesiri
Substitutes did not appear: 12-Munir, 22-Tagnoti, 24-Benon, 25-Alar, 11-Sabiri, 23-Elhanus, 26-Jabrane, 9-Hamdala, 10-Zaluri, 13-Chair, 14-Abkhral, 16-Aboud