Halftime – Osmeen pass K77 Jianggong Di Maria scored Juventus 1-2 Naples

January 14 News on January 14 at 3:45 am, 2022-23 season Serie A
In the 18th round of the league, Juventus played away against Naples.
In the first half, Osmeen scored with a header and then assisted Kvaratsheria to score. Juventus Di Maria scored a low shot to get back a goal. Juventus temporarily 1-2 Naples in the first half.

【Key events of the game】

In the 14th minute, Politano kicked the ball from the right and made a cross. Kvaratsheria volleyed and shot with a side hook in the penalty area. Szczesny saved the ball. Osmeen followed up with a header and broke the net.
, Naples 1-0 Juventus.

Look at Osmeen’s ball again.

In the 39th minute, Politano sent a pick pass. Bremer failed to control the ball well in the penalty area. The ball came to Osmeen’s feet, and then he sent a cross pass. Kvaratsheria followed up with a successful push
, Naples 2-0 Juventus.

Look at the ball again.

In the 42nd minute, Di Maria advanced from the right, cooperated with his teammate to hit the wall and then passed the ball to Milik. After receiving the latter’s response, Di Maria succeeded in a low shot, Juventus 1-2 Naples.

Look at the ball again.

【Focus moment of the game】

In the 13th minute, Osmeen received a pass from his teammate in the penalty area and volleyed from a small angle. The ball was confiscated by Szczesny.

In the 21st minute, Juventus made a mistake in the backcourt. After stealing the ball, Di Maria got rid of the defender at the front of the penalty area, and then kicked the goal. The ball hit the crossbar and popped out of the field.

In the 25th minute, Di Maria made a 45-degree cross from the left, and Milik followed up with a header, which was directly confiscated by Meret.

In the first half, there were 2 minutes of stoppage time. At the end of the half, Naples temporarily led Juventus 2-1.

[Information on starting and substitutions of both sides]

Naples starting: 1-Meret, 3-Jin Minzai, 6-Mario Rui, 13-Rahmani, 22-Di Lorenzo, 20-Zelinski, 68-Lobotka, 99
-Anguisa, 9-Osmeen, 21-Politano, 77-Kvaratsheria

Naples substitutes: 12-Marfera, 30-Sirigu, 5-Juan Jesus, 17-Oliviera, 19-Bereshinski, 55-Ostigard, 4-Dem
, 7-Elmas, 31-Zedadeka, 70-Getano, 91-Ndombele, 11-Lozano, 18-Simone, 23-Zerbin, 81-Lass

Juventus starting: 1-Szczesny, 3-Bremmer, 6-Danilo, 12-Sandro, 5-Locatelli, 8-McKennie, 17-Kostic, 25-Rabiot
Special, 7-Chiesa Jr., 22-Di Maria, 14-Milike

Juventus substitutes: 23-Pingsorio, 36-Perin, 15-Gatti, 24-Rugani, 20-Miretti, 30-Sule, 32-Paredes, 44-Faccioli,
18-Kean Jr., 43-Samuel Ealing

(Ma Dongyu)