Han Qiaosheng: if Benzema appeared in the World Cup final, it would be a good thing for France.

December 15-early this morning, Beijing time, the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar ended. France beat Morocco 2-0 to advance to the final. Han Qiaosheng, a famous football commentator, wrote that if Benzema appeared in the World Cup final, it would be a good thing for the French team.
According to foreign media reports, Benzema has resumed full training at Real Madrid, which means he is likely to return to Qatar for the final between France and Argentina.
Han Qiaosheng wrote on his Weibo: this morning, at the post-match press conference of France’s 2-0 victory over Morocco, the reporter asked French coach Deschamps about “Benzema’s return to the World Cup.” as a result, coach Deschamps politely refused to comment, but did not deny it. Earlier, the day before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, the French Football Association announced that striker Benzema would not qualify for the World Cup due to a muscle strain, but France did not exclude him from the national team list, which also gave him a chance to return.
Han Qiaosheng added: on the evening of December 18, France and Argentina will launch the final impact on the Hercules Cup. If Benzema, which is regarded as a nightmare by many top goalkeepers, really appears in the final, then for the defending champion France, it is undoubtedly a big boon!
(Xiao Hu)