Hao Wei: Guo Tianyu is not in good condition, so he did not sign up, hoping that Taishan will perform better in the AFC Champions League

January 15th, in the FA Cup final held this afternoon, Shandong Taishan reversed and won 2-1
Zhejiang team won the championship.
After the game, Taishan coach Hao Wei attended the press conference.

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Hao Wei: First of all, I would like to thank the fans who came from afar. Their support is what makes us honor today.
I would like to thank the athletes for their efforts. They did their best on the field today to achieve the desired results. I hope the club will continue to work hard in the new year.

What’s next for the team?
What are your plans for next season?

Hao Wei: First of all, as we enter the holidays, the club will have a short-term adjustment. First of all, young players must enter the training camp as soon as possible, hoping to improve.
There is the AFC Champions League this year. I hope we will perform well and do our best to represent Chinese football well.

How are adjustments considered during the game?
The reason why it took a long time to replace Li Hailong?

Hao Wei: First of all, all the substitutes executed the tactics very well after being replaced. Li Hailong replaced Zhang Chi because Zhang Chi had a calf strain, so he made a temporary substitution.

Today is the last game, summing up next season?

Hao Wei: Judging from the results, it’s okay, but many preparations were not very thoughtful, and the training at the beginning of the year was also insufficient. We still have to make a good summary and hope to do better in the new year.

What do you think of the performance of wide players such as Wu Xinghan and Liu Yang?

Hao Wei: It should be said that they were under a lot of pressure on the court, and foreign aid was suspended, but in any case, they showed overall integration and individual performance, so they achieved relatively good results.

Why is Guo Tianyu not included in the big list?

Hao Wei: I just took this opportunity to explain to Guo Tianyu. First of all, he was not ready for the preparation period this year, and he also had injuries in the middle of the year.
I haven’t practiced for eight days, and my condition is not very good, so I didn’t sign him up. I hope he will sum up well in the new year, and I hope he will perform well in the future.

(Liang Sheng Mo Chen)