Inzaghi Jr.: Finally there are 4 players available on the striker line, I have no doubt about it

January 3 News January 5th at 3:45am,
In the 16th round of Serie A, Inter Milan will face Naples at home.
Inter Milan coach Inzaghi Jr. attended the pre-match press conference.

If we win tomorrow, how important will it be?

"We’re all looking forward to getting back on the pitch and can’t wait to start again. Last year was exciting and we’re motivated in the next few months. We know how strong our opponents are and they are the only team in European football this season who have kept their form.
Undefeated team. And we hope to beat them."

How is the team atmosphere?

"This game is very important, the pressure may be on our side, but I would not call it pressure or tension, the beauty of football is in games like this."

How are the strikers?

"We currently have 4 strikers available, which never happened in 2022. Obviously, Lautaro came back 4 days ago and he trained well. Correa has also gotten better in recent days. Dzeko
There are more opportunities to train with the team with Lukaku. Apart from this game against Naples, I hope we can have 4 forwards available throughout the season. I will evaluate the specific lineup after training tomorrow

Are you worried about Skriniar’s contract extension?

"No, I know Skriniar well, he gives his all on the pitch, he loves Inter, I have no doubts about that. I know there are some players on contract besides Skriniar.
It’s about to expire, and I also know that we have great people at the top, and they always make it out of it."

Do you still believe that Inter can win Serie A this season?

"Yes, there are still 23 games to play between now and the end of the season, and there are still many points to be collected. Inter Milan, like other teams, hopes to close the gap with the previous teams. Our opponents are the current European teams.
The best team in football, I have to congratulate Napoli and Spalletti, but we are a united team, with fantastic fans, we want to win all our games with or without injuries.

What can Lukaku’s return bring to the team?

"We all know how strong Lukaku is, he came back with sacrifice and desire. He was out with injury shortly after the start of the season, but we are still the second most attacking team in the league.
, we were the most attacking team last season and my team always scored a lot of goals. Hope Lukaku and Lautaro can score a lot in the second half and do a lot for us
contribution and help us make even greater progress."

Will this game be similar to the game against Barcelona?

"Every game has its own story, this game is special, it’s important, we know that Napoli play with character, there are a lot of strong players and we have to play better.
There will be changes, you will come and go. It will be an intense game, both teams are playing very well. Napoli are so far ahead in the table now, they really deserve credit for their performance."

About the status of players participating in the World Cup

"The players who came back from the World Cup are definitely not in the same shape as the ones who have been training, but I am happy with everyone. We have worked well during this time."

What are Napoli’s weaknesses?

"Naples is very strong. They have greatly improved their overall strength by introducing strong new aid. The team’s outstanding performance is due to the players and the coach, but we are Inter Milan. We will continue to hope as we did last year.
Against Napoli. They were strong last year and we did well against them."

In the past two years, Inter Milan has always beaten Naples at home

"It’s just statistics. Whether or not the game is won depends a lot on how we understand the game. Our opponents have played very well, they are a top team. But we are also prepared and we hope to be in front of the fans.
Played a great game."

Another statistic is that from 11 points behind at this stage, only one team managed to come back and win the league title

"We have to always focus on ourselves and always be hopeful. Napoli may also have setbacks along the way, but we have to make sure we play well and take our chances."

Did you write a letter to Santa Claus about the transfer market at Christmas?

"I’ve been working with the top people who are trying to make sure everything runs smoothly for the club. We will always be very vigilant about the transfer market."

Spalletti says there is no real end to the season for them

"As coaches, the only thing we can do is lead the training. I’m calm now."

Let’s talk about the status of the players

"Lukaku is doing well, so is Lautaro. De Vrij has sped up his recovery and Dumfries is back, albeit a bit slow in his recovery. But he is calm and eager to win. We all
Full of passion and desire to win tomorrow’s game."

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