It is reasonable for the media person Goulart to give up his Chinese nationality. The naturalization of the national football team all ended in failure

January 10 News Recently, Goulart confirmed that he is restoring his Brazilian nationality. Media person Miao Yuanfa
The article mentioned that the naturalization of the national football team ended in failure.

Miao Yuan wrote in his personal social media: Goulart was the first to practice.
The eligibility to play for the national team, that is, he has not played for the national football team, and his money has not been fully cashed out. There is a lot of room for wrangling whether to lose money after retiring. This should be one of his “relevant teams to deal with” things

The remaining old non-blood naturalized players, no matter whether the foreign teachers can successfully sign contracts this year, they will not be able to play a long-term role in the national football team, and these operations all ended in failure.
With the accumulation of time, the constraints on them will become weaker and weaker in the future. In the end, it is a high probability that all players will withdraw from their naturalization, even if some of them have already left themselves a “substantial dual nationality”.
Not a surprise.