Italian media: Inter Milan Manchester United are interested in Demilar, Atlanta is willing to sell the winter window, but the asking price will be very high

December 28-according to the Italian media “Atlanta Football Network” reported that Inter and Manchester United are interested in the introduction of Demilar.
It is reported that Atalanta defender Demilar has become a target for Inter and Manchester United. Atalanta is willing to let Demilar leave the team in the winter window, but considering that Atlanta just paid a transfer fee of 20 million euros for the introduction of Demilar this summer, and Demilar’s excellent performance this season, in order to ensure that there is no loss, Atalanta will ask a high price and will not accept Demilar.
Demilar has made 13 Serie An appearances for Atalanta so far this season, scoring one goal.
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