Italian media: Milan will compete with Benfica and other teams for 18-year-old talented Norwegian attacker Schyerdrup.

According to the Market Network, Milan will compete with Benfica and other teams for Norway’s talented attacker Sjeldrup (Andreas Schjelderup).
It is reported that Schyerdrup’s excellent performance has attracted the attention of many teams, and nearly half of the strong European teams are interested in him, including Milan and Benfica. At present, Benfica has begun formal contact with Schyerdrup, but the competition for Schyerdrup has only just begun.
Scherdrup, an 18-year-old left-winger, can also play as a center, a second forward and an attacking midfielder, and is currently valued at 9 million euros on His current contract with Northern New Zealand will expire in 2024. Shierdrup has excellent skills and is known as “Norwegian Messi” in Norway.
So far this season, Schyerdrup has made 17 appearances for Northern New Zealand, contributing 10 goals and 1 assist.
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