Joe Cole: Chelsea’s injuries are enough to form a top 6 team in the Premier League, and we should continue to trust Porter

January 13 News Early this morning, Chelsea lost 1-2 to Rich in the Premier League
Lehm, after the game, BT Sports commentator and former Chelsea player Joe Cole commented on the team.

Joe Cole said: “Potter needs time. Today we saw some frustration from Chelsea fans. They need to understand that the club has undergone a lot of changes. I believe we have seen a lot from the performance of the team tonight.
A little spark is enough to convince us that things will change.”

“Chelsea have had a very good level of stability in their own unique way for the past 20 years, and then all of a sudden the club has gone through such a big change, a change at the top of the backstage, a new signing policy, and I think Porter has adapted very well.
it is good.”

“Porter was honest, what else can you do other than continue to do what you’re doing and continue to trust the players?”

“Chelsea’s injured list is enough to make a team that can easily get into the top six of the Premier League, so you have to keep going and the fans should continue to trust Porter, continue to trust the players. It’s a show of character for the players in the squad.
The Mounts, the Thiago Silvas, the Jorginhos, the Kantees … this is their chance to step up.”

“Chelsea are at home to Crystal Palace at the weekend, a good team with a lot of energy, very tough and I believe we’ve seen enough sparks from Chelsea to believe the result will be different and the team should
Get everyone together and have a stand-and-go mentality.”

“After this difficult period, the team and the manager will get better and they have to keep going.”

(Goblin Slayer)