Jorinho: London is one of the places where I will live after I retire. Some time off is great.

December 25-in an interview with the club’s official website, Chelsea midfielder Jorinho talked about his current state and feelings. He said that the rest during this period is very good.
How to sum up the past 12 months?
Jorinho: “it’s been a crazy year!” Personally, I am trying to look at the positive and learn from what is happening, for better or worse, because this is life, and we need to enjoy the good times and learn from the hard times. A lot has happened this year, but we must realize that even in difficult times when things may not go well, we will do our best and give everything. ”
After COVID-19, returning to a normal life and football must also be a great positive factor.
Jorinho: “Yes, just like going back to normal life, when you go to the stadium, you will see your team and all the fans of other teams, which is great because it makes football more beautiful.”
How have you changed during your time at Chelsea?
Jorinho: “in essence, I am the one who tries to find the best myself. As far as football is concerned, I have learned a lot in this league.” It’s a wonderful journey and what the league and the culture bring is really incredible. It’s definitely fun and I really appreciate it. I just hope a lot of other players can have the same experience because it’s incredible. ”
Do you feel at home at Chelsea?
Jorinho: “I love London and this club because it gives me a lot.” Both of my children were born in London. I really like London. Now I’m starting to feel like my home. I’m sure I’ll always be connected to this place. I have to tell the truth, because when you reach the age of 30, you will start to think about life after football, and London is one of the places where I will live after retirement. ”
What’s the secret to keeping playing time?
Jorinho: “as you get older, you definitely need to take more care of yourself, which is something everyone often hears, but it’s true, such as sleep, diet, post-game recovery.” It’s no secret that I try to do my best in every aspect of football, it’s just something that players should take seriously. ”
About the hometown of Brazil
Jorinho: “it’s warm, not as cold as London, but more like Abu Dhabi.” I remember celebrating Christmas in Brazil. We had dinner together, then opened the presents, and then prayed at midnight. It was all about family, and at that time we had a good relationship with our cousins and uncles who spent the holidays together. ”
About how important it is to recover during the World Cup
Jorinho: “We need to think about the players. We have seen a lot of injuries in so many games in a row, which is crazy.” It’s hard for all the players, so it’s great to have some time off. When players are tired from one game to another, how can they maintain a high level? It’s impossible. We’re just human beings. ”
(Ma Dongyu)