Keisuke Honda: he will not act as a commentator in the future, and the goal is to lead the team to win the World Cup as a coach.

Recently, former Japanese international Keisuke Honda participated in the Japanese media “ABEMA” program, in which he said he would no longer act as a commentator and that his goal was to lead a team to win the World Cup as a coach.
Keisuke Honda said: “when I explained the game, I was very happy to see Argentina win the championship, but my heart was still a little complicated in the game, perhaps because the World Cup was my dream as a player. This time, I can only watch others compete as a bystander. After watching the award ceremony at the end of the commentary task, I seem to have changed back to my original self. So I don’t think I will explain the game in the future. This commentary also makes me have a stronger desire for the World Cup, in other words, I want to return to the World Cup stage as a coach. ”
“I also aim for the World Cup, but there is a big difference between the feeling of being a player and that of a coach, but this World Cup has made me feel the feeling of aiming for the World Cup as a player. Then I will try my best to lead the team to the World Cup and aim to win the championship. This confidence is not groundless, thank me for being able to get the opportunity to explain, so that I am now full of reluctance and drive. ”