Kompany: it takes 90% to score a goal against Manchester United. Rushford’s goal is very good.

December 22-Manchester United 2-0 Burnley, Burnley coach Kompany told Sky Sports News.
Kompany: “We didn’t screw up, the team was very aggressive, we took the lead and created some opportunities.” We are looking forward to the next game against Birmingham and that is our top priority right now. We will try to improve the quality of the signed players, we hit the goal of about 50%, and against Manchester United you have to be able to hit the target, we will try to raise the players to 60%, 70% or 80%, and then they will move on. ”
“Manchester United scored a good goal and our defence will learn a lesson. B Fei’s pass was beautiful and Rushford’s goal was of high quality. We also have a lot of positive factors and we don’t have to change everything suddenly because we are playing against top teams in one of the best leagues in the world. ”
“the team has a lot of room for improvement, but if we can do that in this game, we are confident that we will be in the lead in other games.”