La Liga official: Vinicius has been sued for racial discrimination, zero tolerance for football violence

January 3 La Liga issued a statement through its official website, stating that
The racist insults received by Real Madrid player Vinicius in the La Liga match between Radolid and Real Madrid at home have filed corresponding complaints with relevant judicial, administrative and sports agencies.
The full text of the statement is as follows:

La Liga has filed criminal charges of a "hate crime" with the Valladolid District Court.
This has been supported by audiovisual evidence gathered through investigations of images and audio clips released from publicly available sources.
La Liga also asked the Valladolid District Court to transfer the complaint to the Hate Crimes Prosecutor’s Office so that the latter could also participate in the case.

Furthermore, as has been the case for several seasons, we have submitted a report on racism both to the Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and to the National Committee Against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sport.
reports of insults for their study and evaluation, and seek sanctions from them.
La Liga will also increase its efforts to eliminate any violence, racism or xenophobia on and off the pitch.

The goal of La Liga is "zero violence in sports".
In order to achieve this, on each round of match days, various training, prevention, detection and reporting activities are carried out, which are then reported to the National Committee against Violence in Sport, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance
, and the Office of the Hate Crimes Prosecutor.
Likewise, La Liga condemns any criminal proceedings related to violence in football and will take legal action as a plaintiff.

La Liga continues to work with clubs, players, authorities and all those involved in the sport to ensure that there is no room for violent or racist acts in football.

(Felix the cat)