Lampard’s personal mistakes and collective defensive problems The team ended the game after conceding three goals in a row

January 4 This morning, Everton lost 1-4 at home to Bradley
Speaking to BBC Sport after the game, head coach Frank Lampard said the game was over when his side conceded three goals in six minutes.

talk about the game

"We made a mistake and gave them the first goal and let them keep leading us, which made us more impatient. We didn’t play fast enough and when they scored three goals in a row, it was over.

Such a result must be very hurtful.

"Of course. We made big mistakes. The last half hour was tough for everyone, the fans too. Because you know the game is over. I’m not going to talk about anything in the dressing room after the game, that’s what we should be doing.
Done, the game against Manchester United is coming in a few days and we have to fight for consistency."

why is this

"It was very disappointing, I would say even in the first half … it was a fairly balanced game in general, but the opponent scored three goals in six minutes and it was over. After that,
The game loses its meaning, at 4-0, it’s game over, those six minutes are all about individual errors and collective defensive problems."

please explain in detail

"Individual mistakes and collective defensive issues, that’s it. We’re even on the ball and the opponents take advantage of our mistakes to score. We’ve got good chances with Iwobi, but the urgency on the pitch is what’s needed most now.
, and I don’t think we’re showing it.”

are you angry with the starters

"We’re all in this together, it’s not about anger, we’re disappointed because we want to win games."

are you stressed

"You have to get used to that position, you’re not going to win every week, we have to get back to work, it’s as simple as that, I’m a manager of a Premier League team and it’s going to be stressful no matter the time of day."

About signings in January

"We’re trying to figure out how to help the team and we’ll think about it."

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