Lanocchia: Although it is 10 points behind the top of the list, Inter Milan is very strong and the gap is not insurmountable

January 13th, in an interview with reporters, the former Inter Milan player Ranocchia talked about Inter Milan’s Serie A championship situation
, He said that Inter Milan still has the possibility to win the championship.

Ranocchia said: “Now Naples is at the top of Serie A. They have just lost their first game of the season this month. There is no doubt that Naples is still the favorite to win the championship, but Juventus has caught up.
Will stick to the end.”

“But there are still a lot of games to play. Inzaghi has a very strong lineup. Although they have a 10-point gap with Naples, this is not an insurmountable gap.”

“The problem with Inter Milan is that they have lost all the direct conversations and now they are forced to be a chaser. Also this is a special season split in two by the World Cup, with Brozovic and Lukaku in Inter Milan’s team.
The key players are also absent for a long time due to injury, which restricts the team’s performance.”

(Real Steel)