L’Equipe: Milan is worried that Maignan will not be able to come back until mid-February, and is looking for a qualified replacement

January 4, according to a report from "L’Equipe", because the date of Maignan’s comeback is still uncertain
, Milan is looking for a qualified replacement in the transfer market.

In the process of winning the Serie A championship in Milan last season, Maignan played very well.
He helped the Rossoneri get 3 points when the team looked like they could only score 1 point on many occasions.
Maignan has been out since September 22 last year when he suffered a calf injury against Austria on behalf of France.
At first, Maignan was thought to be available for the Italian Super Cup against Inter Milan on January 18.
However, the Frenchman’s injury was more serious than expected, and Milan executives even worried that he would not be able to count on him before the Champions League knockout match against Tottenham on February 14.

For Milan, the team does not have a reliable substitute for Maignan.
After the Frenchman was injured, the 36-year-old Tartarusanu played unstable. In the friendly match against Eindhoven, Milan used the 39-year-old veteran Mirant.
At present, Milan has signed the 24-year-old Colombian goalkeeper Devis Vasquez (Devis Vasquez), but he is expected to serve as the team’s No. 3 goalkeeper to replace Mirante.

In the transfer market, Milan’s goalkeepers include Cagliari’s Cranio on loan to Monza, Atlanta’s Spotiello, and Atlanta’s Gollini on loan to Fiorentina.
Recently, Milan is paying attention to Rico of Paris Saint-Germain. The goalkeeper cannot get playing time at the Parc des Princes, and Milan can make a loan deal.

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