Li Jiayue is not at the end of his career at the age of 32. Messi just won the World Cup at the age of 35. Studying abroad is only for his own dream

January 11 News Recently, Li Jiayue officially joined the Galatasaray club in Turkey and became a women’s football team studying abroad.
13th person.
In an interview with “Football News”, Li Jiayue talked about the choice of studying abroad and personal age and other issues.

——Talk about why you joined Galatasaray

Li Jiayue: Actually, there is no story. That is to say, at that time, teams from Spain, Norway, and Italy approached me, as well as Galatasaray from Turkey. After careful consideration, I chose Galatasaray.

Now, halfway through the European season, the lineup is relatively complete.
I feel that if I go to teams like Spain, I will play as a substitute, and the Norwegian league is also very strong.
Through my understanding, I know that Galatasaray is investing a lot now. I also watched their games, and I think their style of play is more European, the rhythm is also fast, and the confrontation is not bad.
I heard that they are trying to get closer to the top European football clubs and vigorously develop women’s football. Most importantly, the strength of the entire team is not bad, so I chose Galatasaray, because at least, I can guarantee my appearance
Time and competition, if I go to places like Spain and Norway, there is no way to guarantee that I will be the main player.

What’s more, the Turkish league has a qualification for the Champions League. If Galatasaray wins the championship this season, they can play in the Champions League. If I choose teams from Spain and Norway, the team may be in the middle of the league.
, not qualified to play in the Champions League, comprehensive consideration, chose Galatasaray, this team is now ranked in the forefront of the league, has a high chance of competing for the Champions League qualification.

——Talking about the difference from studying abroad in Korea before

Li Jiayue: I think the biggest difference is that I am older, so I am not afraid or nervous, and I am more mature. If I encounter some problems, at least in terms of mentality, I will not worry and will deal with them calmly.
In the team, I should be able to deal with some problems with the coaches and teammates better. Because I have a better mentality, I won’t feel nervous or afraid in unfamiliar places. I hope I can integrate as soon as possible.
to the team.

——Talking about studying abroad at the age of 32

Li Jiayue: I am 32 years old. From a domestic point of view, I may think that 32 years old is very old, but I think that in foreign countries, everyone plays on the basis of ability. I think age is no problem.
In fact, most people in foreign countries don’t look at the issue of age, and think that it’s okay to be old.
In my opinion, age is just a number. As long as my competitive state, level, and ability are all right, what’s wrong with being 32 years old?
Messi is 35 years old, not just won the World Cup, he is already at the end of his career, but what about the end, everyone will come to this point, everyone will reach the end of their career, but it does not mean career
In the final stage, you will not be able to shine brightly, do what you want to do, accomplish your goals, and realize your dreams.

Actually, I don’t think 32 years old is the end of my career, really!
It can be said that it is the late stage of his career, but I don’t think it is the end. If it is the end, it is a bit too exaggerated. In the position of central defender, 32 years old is still OK.

——Talk about what you hope to gain from studying abroad

Li Jiayue: Personally, I hope to learn the fast-paced, high confrontation of foreign teams, and their confidence on the court. In addition, I hope to learn a different understanding of football.

——Talking about the goal of studying abroad

Li Jiayue: Help lead the team to win the league championship this season and strive for a place in the Champions League next season.

——Talk about whether you are familiar with your teammates

Li Jiayue: I am familiar with it. Foreign players are relatively open. The foreign atmosphere is the atmosphere of playing football. It is relatively relaxed and pleasant. The players are also relatively friendly and enthusiastic. Everyone gets along very well.

——Talking about Chinese women’s football players studying abroad reaching double digits

Li Jiayue: I am quite gratified to have so many players studying abroad.
As for the meaning, I think it is to improve the personal ability of the players, and then improve the players’ vision in all aspects, as well as their all-round understanding of football.
If overseas players go back to play football, I think they will have more confidence on the court and a deeper understanding of football.

——Talking about the harvest of winning the Asian Cup

Li Jiayue: I think more fans know and pay attention to us. Only a small part of them used to pay attention to us.

——Talk about whether you want to prove yourself

Li Jiayue: I don’t want to prove anything, I just want to fulfill my own goals and dreams.
I don’t think I have anything to prove, and nothing to prove.
I’m 32 years old, and I’ve proven everything I need to prove.

——Talking about the goal of the World Cup

Li Jiayue: For the World Cup, if I can go, play and get good results, of course it is my goal.
But if it’s because of my age or other reasons, I won’t be disappointed if I don’t make it in the end. It doesn’t matter. Football is more than the World Cup. If I can’t go, I think I can enjoy my time overseas.
football career.

——Talking about the preparations made in Turkey

Li Jiayue: It’s more about the preparation for life, which is more adequate. My luggage is overweight, and I brought a lot of daily necessities.
I once had an experience of studying abroad. When I first arrived in this place, I might be unfamiliar with supermarkets and restaurants. Therefore, I will have some troubles in buying daily necessities. Therefore, I will bring all the daily necessities for the next three months. Make sure
I am familiar with the