Li Xuan Guo Tianyu’s father was seriously ill before he went abroad. As a young player, the fans should be tolerant

January 7th, in the second round of the quarter-finals of the FA Cup, Shandong Taishan played against the three towns of Wuhan.
Before the game, Taishan player Guo Tianyu asked for leave to go home. The media person Li Xuan explained the reason and said that the fans should be more tolerant to Guo Tianyu.

In the first round of the contest between the two sides, the Taishan team defeated the three towns of Wuhan 3-1 and took the lead.
Before the second round, Hao Wei revealed at the press conference that Guo Tianyu has asked for leave due to family affairs and will miss the game.
Due to the poor condition after returning from studying abroad, some fans also took this opportunity to criticize Guo Tianyu.

In this regard, Li Xuan wrote in his personal social media: Shandong fans should be more tolerant of Guo Tianyu. The overseas study really disrupted his growth rhythm and made his state plummet, but that was not determined by his subjective wishes.
I still don’t know how to face that situation. The current predicament requires everyone’s encouragement and support.

This FA Cup leave is also unavoidable. Before he went to study abroad, he heard that his father was seriously ill. As a young player, he has endured too much.
Let’s be more tolerant, he has adjusted, not only a player that Shandong Taishan can rely on, but also helpful to the national team.
Come on Guo Tianyu!