Local players in three towns: when they come here, they feel that the environment is stable and that they will not owe their wages.

On December 30, when the three towns of Wuhan won the championship of the Chinese Super League this season, the local players in the team talked about the feeling of playing in this promoted team.
There has been a lot of chaos in the Chinese Super League this season. While the three towns of Wuhan introduced a number of foreign aids at the beginning of the season, they also signed a lot of players at the international level and brought in 13 new aids in one breath.
A local player who transferred from a former rich club to the three towns club this season said to the Beijing Youth Daily: “when I come to the three towns team, I first feel that the environment here is stable and there is no arrears of wages.”
As one of the few non-unpaid clubs in the league, the three towns provide a reliable material basis for the vast number of players to focus on the game and go all out for the championship, as well as strong spiritual support. Thanks to “stability”, the whole team made a remarkable 12-game winning streak, and its unbeaten body was not broken until the 17th round of the league, that is, before the end of the half.
The sports website commented that behind the success of the three towns is the club’s solid investment in professional football and the meticulous work of supporting youth football and the standardized operation of the club. Under the guidance of ingenuity, the championship of the three towns is in fact a natural thing. For a champion team, strength is always the most important competitive weight. In fact, as the “standard king” of domestic professional football transfer this season, Stanchu is worth only about 4 million euros, compared with the super foreign aid worth tens of millions of euros in the “gold dollar football” popular seasons. it’s a far cry. Therefore, combined with the current situation of domestic professional football environment, the investment of the three towns is larger than that of other clubs, but it is also in the rational category.
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