Ma Dexing talks about Guangzhou’s suspension: just like Pakistan being punished and letting India act on its behalf? Meaning?

December 25-in response to the “Guangdong U15 match-fixing” incident, the Chinese Football Association suspended Guangzhou Football Association membership for two years. In this regard, reporter Ma Dexing issued a comment.
Ma Dexing: the Chinese Football Association punishes the Guangzhou Football Association. I totally agree! But the question is: is there a saying that this “function” is exercised on its behalf? This is like now in Asia, the Pakistan Football Association is banned by FIFA and AFC. During the suspension period, national teams and club teams at all levels in Pakistan are not allowed to compete with the teams of any member association under FIFA, otherwise they will also be suspended.
Under normal circumstances, the suspension of membership of the Guangzhou Football Association means that any team at all levels registered with the Chinese Football Association through the Guangzhou Football Association, including coaches and players, must also be punished in an all-round way. within two years, it can only be “entertaining” in Guangzhou, while clubs such as the Chinese Super League, Chinese first Class and Chinese second Class registered with the Chinese Football Association through the Guangzhou Football Association are not allowed to participate in any matches organized by the Chinese Football Association.
However, what is this “acting exercise”? The Pakistan Football Association has been suspended by FIFA, which allows the Indian Football Association to “perform the functions of the Pakistan Football Association”? The Russian Football Association is now punished by Uefa, so let the Russian Football Association find a Football Association to “exercise” its functions in Uefa? Therefore, what is the significance of such a so-called “suspension of membership for two years”? Symbolically?