Mahrez did not play in the World Cup and training with the team is helpful to me. Now everyone is in good condition

January 10 Mahrez said in an interview with Manchester City’s official website that the team is in good condition now
, but don’t think too far, just think about playing well game after game and striving for victory with all your strength.

Mahrez said: "I didn’t participate in the World Cup, but I trained with the team. The training camp helped us. We also played friendly games during the period and then the League Cup with Liverpool."

"When you play the game, you find the rhythm. I think everyone in the team is in good shape now, we are ready for the game, but we don’t think too far, the game is played one game at a time."

"The Carabao Cup with Southampton is next, then the derby. We are focused on the next game, that’s the mentality we have now, everyone is ready for the game."

"We didn’t think too far, just focus on the next game, play well and strive for victory."

In the victory over Chelsea, Mahrez scored a beautiful free kick. He said: "It was a bit far away, but I told the B seat that I wanted to take this free kick. At that time, I was full of confidence. When the ball left my feet
When I was flying, I felt like I was going to go in, and finally I flew into the upper corner, I am very happy."

"It was a beautiful free-kick, normally I don’t take free-kicks this far, but I saw the goalkeeper leave a lot of space. I think as long as the quality of the kick is taken, there is a chance to score,
I’m lucky that I did, very happy."