Manchester City Derby Predictions: Manchester United Martial remains variable, Manchester City Ding Ding Haaland returns

January 14, the 20th round of the Premier League, a focus battle, Manchester United vs. Manchester City at home,
The Manchester Derby starts again.
Before the game, the reporters of the “Manchester Evening News” who were responsible for reporting the news of both sides predicted the starting lineup.

For Manchester United, since the end of the World Cup and the restart of the league, Ten Hag’s team has maintained an excellent state, but they know that facing the “noisy neighbors” that Ferguson said back then, this battle is facing a more severe test.
In the Premier League, Manchester United have conceded 12 goals against Manchester City in the last three times, including 6 goals in a game at the Etihad Stadium in October last year.
This is the same number of goals Manchester United conceded in the previous 12 league games.

Judging from the current situation, Dalot is unable to play this game, Martial has to undergo another physical fitness test assessment, and Verhorst has not had time to complete the registration.
Here are the predictions given by three Manchester United reporters for The Evening:

Samuel Lukehorst (Manchester United Chief Correspondent)

In the absence of Dalot, Wan-Bissaka must be the starting line-up, while ten Hag will definitely play Varane and Lisandro at centre-back – the former is one of United’s most important players, three months ago.
He was injured while trailing 1-0 at the Etihad Stadium.

If Martial can play, then my predictions for Manchester United’s starting lineup are as follows; if Martial can’t play, then Ganacho should play, with Rashford at the top-this is not an ideal choice, although it is now pulling
Shford is in such good shape, but there are no other offensive players who can be rotated.

Prediction (4-3-3): De Gea/Wan-Bissaka, Varane, Lisandro, Luke Shaw/Casemiro, Eriksson, B Fee/Anthony, Rashford
De Martial

Tyrone Marshall (“Manchester Night” Manchester United reporter)

Manchester United’s recent form makes people feel that they are basically starting according to my choice.
Dalot’s absence won’t be as much of a concern as it was a month ago, with Aaron Wan-Bissaka playing so well in the starting line-up of late.
Varane and Luke Shaw are confirmed starters, while Lisandro gets enough time in the middle of the week to prepare for Haaland.

The midfielder is of course easy to choose.
Casemiro hadn’t started for United in the 6-3 defeat at the Etihad, but he is now the team’s first choice in midfield, pairing excellently with Eriksson and Fernandes.
They can now take on Manchester City in midfield.

Martial still needs one final fitness test, but if he can play more than 55 minutes, he deserves to start – he scored twice in the 3-6 game in October.
This would allow Rashford to start where he plays best on the left, while Anthony could start on the right.

Prediction: De Gea/Wan-Bissaka, Varane, Lisandro, Luke Shaw/Casemiro, Eriksson, B Fee/Anthony, Rashford, Martial

Rich Fahey

United’s defense has been the backbone of their form of late and there was no doubt in this game as Dalot was set to miss out.

Starting Fred in midfield would make sense given his physical style of play, but Eriksen has been good for most of the season and it would be too demanding not to start him.

Rashford has fared much better on the left, but with a lack of options up front, he could be moved centrally.
Anthony started on the right, and Ganacho was the best backup option on the left.

Prediction: De Gea/Wan-Bissaka, Varane, Lisandro, Luke Shaw/Casemiro, Eriksson, B Fee/Anthony, Ghanacho, Rashford

As for Manchester City, after being eliminated by Southampton in the quarter-finals of the League Cup in midweek, and the “quadruple crown” dream was broken, nothing can restore Blue Moon more than winning at Old Trafford.
Now, United are only four points behind Manchester City, so Guardiola will fully appreciate the challenges of this game.
Reporter Jack Flintham predicts City’s starting line-up:

Goalkeeper – Ederson

An unlucky night at Southampton, unable to give Stefan Ortega a chance to overtake Ederson in the Premier League.
The Brazilian goalkeeper, who has not played in Blue Moon’s last two cup games, has been well rested and will be keen to return to action.

Defenders – Walker, Akanji, Laporte, Ake

If Stones can play this game, he will undoubtedly start, but Guardiola has confirmed that he is the only player Manchester City can’t play.
In the midweek game, Walker did not play as a full-back. Returning to his old position in this game seems to be an obvious choice.
Cancelo is currently somewhat out of favor, while Ake has been outstanding at left-back in recent weeks, so it is likely to continue to play this position.
But at St Mary’s Stadium, Sergio Gomez’s difficult times meant that there was little guarantee of a replacement in that position.

Midfielder – Rodri, De Bruyne, B seat

Calvin Phillips was another disappointing performance against Southampton, coming off after 63 minutes.
The interruption of Rodri’s rotation will also bring him some benefits. Now that he is going to play Manchester United, he must be the main force.
De Bruyne is another obvious starter, as he only came off the bench midweek.
The B seat should also be eager to play again, and Gundogan can take turns after playing 90 minutes in Southampton.

Forwards – Mahrez, Haaland, Grealish

Two of the three strikers are almost certain to start: Mahrez has been in good form recently and will definitely give Manchester United