Mann Evening: Teng Hach was so angry after his fiasco against Brentford that he even thought, “I don’t know.”

December 21-according to the Manchester Evening News, Tenhaher was so angry after Manchester United’s fiasco against Brentford this year that he even wanted to “kill the player”.
It is reported that after the defeat in that game, Tenhah ordered the players to train less than 24 hours after a rest, which involved physical training at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. A source close to Tenhaher revealed that he was so angry that he wanted to “kill” the Manchester United players who took part in the game. However, nine days later, they washed away the humiliation of their defeat in the last game with their victory against Liverpool. The results of these two games were two extremes for Tenhaher, who also used foul language in an interview to describe Manchester United’s different performances against different opponents.
Manchester United lost 6-3 in the Manchester City derby in early October, the fifth time they have conceded six goals in a match in the past 54 years. Teng Hach said in an interview between two weeks: “the team’s current direction is very good, we still have a lot of room for improvement.” I am happy for the performance of the players and I am glad that they have maintained the right mindset. Hope that they can continue to maintain, we need to maintain such a high standard.
“contentment will make you lazy, so never be too satisfied with yourself. You have to ask yourself to do your best every day, and only when you set and maintain such standards can you continue to improve and compete with the best clubs. We didn’t do well enough at the start of the season, but from the moment I took over the Manchester United coach, I knew I would face a setback.
“of course, we are also a bit unlucky, Lindelof and Martial suffered injuries, they were in the team’s preseason lineup, you have to make changes. I know it is not easy to coach Manchester United and the situation is not as expected. I think we are moving in the right direction at the moment, but we are still a long way from our goal. But now, I have seen the progress of the team.
“We are gradually getting back on track and when the players come back from the World Cup, a lot of things will be different. We saw this in the game against Manchester City and that was our biggest problem. We didn’t play in the way we were familiar with in that game and I hope we can take the initiative in that game. However, you can also see from this World Cup that some teams did choose passive tactics, but they also showed their own characteristics. The players will now come back to the team one after another, and they have played in different styles and environments for six weeks. But now, they have to return to our game style. Football is a team sport, so the players of the team must stand on a unified position. ”