Marca: 36% of Argentine polls are willing to elect Messi as president, sweeping politicians

December 29-according to Marca, Argentina won the World Cup in 2022 and Messi finally won the long-awaited World Cup. After that, public enthusiasm around Messi showed no sign of abating. In a recent survey conducted by Argentine pollster Giacobbe & Asociados, a large number of Argentines said they were willing to vote for Lionel Messi as Argentina’s president.
According to Jorge Giacobe, head of Giacobbe & Asociados, 43.7 per cent of respondents said they would vote for Messi to take over the Argentine presidential palace, while 37.8 per cent said they would “not do so”. Another 17.5 per cent said they would “consider” voting for the Paris Saint-Germain striker, while 0.9 per cent said they had not yet decided or refused to answer.
Can Messi really be president? A large proportion of Argentines will vote for him, even allowing him to “sweep” a large number of politicians. In another comprehensive comparison with politicians, Messi took the lead with 36.7%, right-wing congressman Javier Mile with 12%, former President and current Vice President Christina Fernandez Kirchner with 11.3%, and Security Minister Patricia Brich with 8.8%. Former president Maurizio Macri received 6.9% of the support.
Other politicians received even lower approval ratings: 2.9% for Buenos Aires Mayor Horatio-R-Lareta, 1.8% for Fakundo Manes, a member of the Reform Party, 1.4% for Sergio Massa, former Speaker of the House of Representatives and current Minister of economy, and 1.3% for current President Alberto Fernandez. Nicholas Delcano, who ran for president twice on behalf of the social workers party, stood at 0.8%.
The interviewees also expressed their views on the decision not to go to the presidential palace to celebrate after the Argentine national team won the championship. As many as 82.9% of the respondents believed that it was right for the international players not to go to the presidential palace, while only 15.8% thought it should not be done. Another 1.4% said they had not yet decided or refused to answer.
As to which international will be the “next Lionel Messi” for the Argentine national team, most of the respondents answered Manchester City striker Julian Alvarez, while others chose Benfica midfielder Enzo Fernandez, while a small number of interviewees said they did not know or thought that this person had not yet appeared.
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