Marca: Atletico Madrid hopes to bring in Iglesias in Winter window, but Felix needs to leave the team first.

According to Marca, Atletico Madrid hope to sign Betis striker Iglesias in Winter window, but the sheet Legion first needs to let Felix leave the team. If there is still no convincing offer for the Portuguese, then the deal is not feasible.
Atletico Madrid have contacted people around Iglesias to understand the striker’s intention to join the team. Simone likes Iglesias’s characteristics and feels that the pure No. 9 player can solve the team’s difficulty in scoring goals. This season, Atletico Madrid averaged only 1.33 goals per game, the lowest since Simone took over.
Atletico Madrid showed interest in the striker during Iglesias’s time with the Spaniard, but to no avail. With the introduction of Iglesias, Atletico Madrid want him to form a healthy competition with Morata. If Felix leaves, Atletico Madrid will negotiate with Betis.
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