Marca: Cristiano Ronaldo’s cronies outside Mendes discussed the details with Saudi Arabia, Riyadh won and wanted Ramos.

December 29-according to Marca, in addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, Riyadh wants to win and sign Ramos.
Marca said management was trying to persuade Ramos to join next summer as Riyadh’s victory awaited the official announcement of Cristiano Ronaldo on January 1. The deal looks complicated, but a victory in Riyadh does not rule out any possibility.
Ramos has occupied the starting position in Paris this season and wants to stay at the top of the tournament. His contract expires on June 30. Ramos is facing the challenge of Paris winning the Champions League and returning to the Spanish national team, and he has not given up.
The Saudi club has sold three players and made no signings. A few days ago, a man Cristiano Ronaldo trusted discussed the details in Riyadh, not Mendes.