Martial: I have a good relationship with B Fei. He says a lot of assists will come.

December 26-in the first match after the World Cup, Manchester United beat Burnley 2-0 in the Carling Cup. In this game, Martial and Bruno Fernandez both started, and there seems to be a good chemical reaction between the two.
In an interview with liverpoolfc. TV, Martial said: “We have always had this connection and now we just need to improve in this area.” Assists are a topic we often talk about and when Bruno left the team for the World Cup, I told him to make sure he came back in good shape. Of course, he will say that more assists will come. This is one of the topics we often talk about at the competitive level. ”
“it is very important to keep good contact on the pitch. You always want to know where your teammates are on the pitch and where they will go. For example, Bruno knew very well that I might grab the ball from someone’s feet, and he would go deep. It is this little connection that gives you a better understanding of how your partner plays, a player who continues to improve himself, and something that both players can do to help the team make progress. ”
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