McAllister: the winner or loser is Messi. It’s great to share the dressing room with him.

December 19 news Argentine midfielder McAllister in an interview, Lionel Messi issued a heartfelt praise.
When asked about the winner or loser of the World Cup final, McAllister said: “it’s Lionel Messi, of course it’s Messi. He’s so great that I can’t explain how I feel right now.” The team gave everything in the game and I am very happy for the result we have achieved.
“Messi is the best player in the world and the best player in history, and he is also a very good man, he is very humble. Messi has everything it takes to be the best player in history and it’s great to share a dressing room with him. I’m very grateful to him. ”
(old onion)