Media people: All teams are dealing with high-salary veteran players giving up all or part of their arrears in exchange for free agency

January 3 News According to media person Li Xuan, many teams are now dealing with some
Once the high-paid veteran players are terminated, it will be difficult for these veteran players to find a next home.

Li Xuan wrote on his personal social media: "Now all teams are dealing with some veteran players with high salaries. For example, if you give up all or part of your salary arrears, I will give you free agency. But in fact, you gave free agency.
It is very difficult for players to find a next home."

In the past 2022 season, many Chinese Super League clubs have fallen into financial difficulties. The Hebei team, Wuhan Changjiang, and Shanghai Shenhua have deducted points because they failed to repay their salary arrears as scheduled. Some other clubs are also suspending their salary payments.

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