Media people: Guangzhou team used to be the benchmark of professional football and began to change after paying tribute to Lippi in 2016.

December 28-after the former Chinese Super League overlord Guangzhou team was demoted to Chinese League one round in advance, media man Pan Weili commented on the ups and downs of the team’s fate through personal social media.
Pan Weili believes that Guangzhou team and Evergrande football should be divided into two. Between 2010 and 2016, the team was the benchmark for Chinese professional clubs, but it began to change after 2016 and is no longer pure professional football. Pan Weili wrote:
“Guangzhou team has been relegated.
From September 2010 to December 27, 2022, he was relegated to the Super League.
It happens to be a 12-year cycle.
Let’s start with emotion.
To tell you the truth, there are no waves.
First of all, of course, it was expected, there was no accident, and it was ready from the beginning of the season.
Secondly, there is nothing to miss in today’s Chinese Super League.
When the environment is good, demotion is a blow.
The general environment is like this, demotion is a relief.
Besides, memories.
In the past 12 years, we have been able to travel around the world with such a team.
From China League one to the Club World Cup stage, standing in front of Cosmos Barcelona
It’s more fantastic than any game or movie.
My blood is still boiling when I think of it.
Such an experience is enough to cherish for a lifetime.
In the next few years, more than ten years and decades.
Maybe no one can start all over again.
Finally, make a point of view.
I still insist on my cognition and expression as usual over the past ten years.
There will be no change because of the downfall of this team.
Evergrande from 2010 to 2016 is the benchmark of professional clubs in China.
The team they build, the culture they build, the achievements they make, they are at the top.
But after 2016, Evergrande began to change in many places and gradually deviated from the right track of development.
Since signing Lippi for the second time and paying tribute to Chinese football.
Evergrande football is no longer a pure professional football.
Most of the divine operations over the next few years are not what a local club should do.
Some people say that it is Lao Xu who speculates and takes the initiative for other purposes.
Others say that it was Lao Xu who was forced to move forward in the general environment.
But no matter what the facts are, the correct view of history is never black or white.
As the so-called merit and demerits are said, you can neither guide nor block the mouths of Youyou.
At the end of the night, to borrow a word from Mr. Su Shi
If you laugh drunkenly and accompany the public for 30,000 times, you don’t have to sue for divorce! ”
(Nanling weeps)