Media people talk about Guoan’s signings: domestic players are studying Yan Dinghao and Yang Liyu, foreign players are focusing on the central axis

January 1 According to media person Miao Yuan, Guoan is studying the introduction of Yan Dinghao and Yang Liyu for the new season
Waiting for internal aid.
Talking about Guoan’s signings for the new season, Miao Yuan said that Guoan hopes to bring some new faces to the fans. In principle, the club has no plans to spend a lot of money, but will rely on Beijing’s advantages to attract new players with more competitive conditions.
In terms of domestic aid, Guoan is studying the possibility of introducing Yan Dinghao, Yang Liyu, Fang Hao and other players. This is not only to prepare for next season, but also to reserve talents for the future.
In terms of foreign aid, Guoan focuses on the central axis of midfielders, central defenders and forwards, so that even if Memisevic cannot be kept, there will be new aid to defend the midfield, while the forwards will pursue cost-effective options.