Merson: Arsenal should sign Milinkovich, he is the best midfielder in Serie A.

December 26-Arsenal star Paul Merson updated his personal column to express his views on the topic of bringing aid to the Gunners in midfield.
Merson wrote in the column: “if Pross chooses to stay in Southampton, Tillemans is a very suitable choice for Arsenal.”
“when a player is in such a safe situation, I get worried. In fact, what are you going to do in Southampton? West Ham are also interested in Prouss and it will be a good transfer for him because they will be more successful than Southampton. ”
“but I said before that Arsenal should sign him. If he stays with the saint, maybe it’s because he lacks ambition? Leicester City’s Tillemans is also very suitable for Arsenal, he is a very suitable alternative, but if it were me, I would sign Milinkovich. ”
“if Arsenal can sign one of the two men, their transfer window will be successful. More than ever, Arsenal need a top midfielder to compete for the title. Milinkovic is a real top player. Looking at his performance at Lazio last season, I personally think he is the strongest midfielder in Serie A. ”
“I know Manchester United have been linked with him, but I don’t understand why there are not many teams competing for Milinkovich.”
“Tillemans plays in the Premier League and he knows what to do. Arsenal have no time to wait.”
(little Green Devil)