Milan: Bogba may return in January, but the real goal is to make a comeback in February to play in the Europa League.

December 14-according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Bogba aims to make a comeback in the Europa League against Nantes.
It is reported that Bogba will become a key figure in Juve’s Europa League in the second half of the season, and he is still in the process of recovery, involving human-ball training and physical training. he will have his first physical test with his teammates after Christmas.
Due to a long absence due to injury, Bogba still needs time to develop a tacit understanding with his team-mates, so although he may return in January, his real goal is to return in the Europa League against Nantes in mid-February.
After signing Bogba this summer, Allegri wanted to make Bogba the leader of the dressing room, so that Bogba’s personality will lead the team to become stronger. When Bogba returns in the future, he will play an important role in the stadium and dressing room.
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