Milan’s goalkeeper’s signings have been blocked, and the director of Atlanta has never talked to Milan about Spotiello

January 10, Atlanta’s sports director Tony D’Amico said that he has never talked about goalkeeper Spotiello with Milan
Yalo’s transfer.

Milan’s main goalkeeper Maignan has been affected by injuries. Milan had hoped to introduce a new goalkeeper in January this year. Spotiello is Milan’s first choice.
The contract between Spotiello and Atlanta expires on June 30 this year, and Milan wants to sign him at a low price in advance in January.
However, Sky Sports Italy pointed out that Milan’s goalkeeper signings were blocked.

Atlanta sports director Tony D’Amico made it clear: "Sportiello is and will be an Atlanta player. We have never had contact with Milan."
Milante’s contract expires this summer, and Milan is looking for a reliable goalkeeper to form a double insurance for the goalkeeper position with Maignan.

(Su Erhu)