Neville: He could have continued to watch Ronaldo at Manchester United, but now he is going to end his career in Saudi Arabia

January 2 In an interview with Sky Sports, Gary Neville talked about Ronaldo,
He thinks Ronaldo could have stayed at Manchester United.
Neville said: "We will reduce the number of times we see Ronaldo, but it also tells us that Saudi Arabia is taking football seriously. They are fighting for the right to host the World Cup. They invest 350 million pounds in a player. They are trying to strengthen the league. For
For Ronaldo, I think he wants to stay in Europe at least this season, score more goals, and try to find a Champions League club, which also shows that the offer is amazing, maybe the European clubs that want him are not offering him.
Wanted. I have a sad mood because we don’t get to see him play at the top level, we could have seen that at Old Trafford if things were handled properly, but it has to be at the World Cup
Ronaldo will end his career in Saudi Arabia, there is no way to avoid it." (Luca)