Neville: Lionel Messi is the best in the World Cup, Mbappe’s team is better than Messi’s.

On the Sky Sports program, England star Gary Neville talked about the best player of the World Cup. Neville said he would choose Lionel Messi because Mbappe’s France is stronger than Lionel Messi’s Argentina as a whole.
Neville said: “I would say Lionel Messi because I think Mbappe is in a better team than Messi’s team.” I think Mbappe has a lot of great players around him, and Messi, you can look at the players around him-don’t get me wrong, they are very good. ”
“in fact, I took a picture of 10 Argentine players defending near the penalty area in the last five minutes of the game between Argentina and Croatia, which is really a summary of Argentina. For Messi, the World Cup is really like a mission, isn’t it?
“the other players on his team are very United in the way they play. They are almost saying,’We have to keep a clean sheet, we have to make it difficult for the opponent to fight, we will do everything right, and then Messi will help us win the game. He will do something. ‘that’s what’s happening.”
(Ma Dongyu)