No one of the reporters studying abroad for the women’s football team has ever received the so-called subsidy, and no one did it for the purpose of subsidizing the study abroad

January 7 News reporter Lin Denuo published an article today, talking about Chinese women’s football players studying abroad.

In the past year, the women’s football team has started to study abroad. Recently, the international player Li Jiayue also stayed abroad in Turkey. The reporter revealed that, if there is no accident, Li Jiayue will not be the only Chinese female player who will go abroad in January 2023.

In addition, Lin Denuo believes that women’s football studying abroad should not be described as the so-called "government studying abroad". He said: After four years of studying abroad, Zhao Yujie and Tu Linli have already integrated into the American university system; players who go directly from China,
They are all driven by personal wishes, including several free transfers; including some players who have changed teams among overseas teams after going abroad.

The "subsidy equivalent to about 500,000 yuan per year" mentioned in reports does exist objectively, and most of the expenses come from the partners of the women’s football team.
But to be clear, none of this money is going to the women’s football players in the form of cash.
The Football Association also thought about sending it directly, but the Football Association’s cash subsidies to players are neither in line with football common sense, nor may it be a good thing for individual players, so this subsidy has never existed.

As for the specific whereabouts of the money, the reporter revealed: On the one hand, every female football player playing overseas has equipment distributed by sponsors for self-rehabilitation at home.
On the other hand, some players also have to spend alone, including hiring translators and other part-time assistants to take care of chores.

In the end, the reporter said: How much money overseas female football players can earn depends on the contracts signed with each team-no one has received the so-called subsidy, and no one is there to subsidize overseas study.
Among these overseas players, many have made obvious sacrifices in terms of salary. They take working-class income just to play better football.
This is obviously worthy of our respect, and it also deserves the most basic and practical guarantee.