Official: Beijing Guoan abstained in the Chinese Super League and was sentenced to 0-3 defeat to Shanghai Seaport.

Beijing Guoan applied to abstain from the 33rd round of the Shanghai seaport and was sentenced to a 3-0 defeat, according to an official announcement of the Chinese Super League on December 27th.
The announcement is as follows:
For its own reasons, Beijing Guoan Football Club wrote to the Chinese Super League Committee on the morning of December 27th, applying for the 289 game of the 33rd round of the 2022 Chinese Super League, which was originally scheduled for December 27th. Beijing Guoan abstained from the vs Shanghai Seaport match. According to the rules of the 2022 Chinese Football Association Super League, Beijing Guoan abstained from this game and lost at 0:3. Relevant materials will be submitted to the Disciplinary Committee of the Chinese Football Association for consideration.
According to Article 24 of the rules of the 2022 Chinese Super League, Beijing Guoan Football Club shall compensate the relevant parties for the losses suffered as a result of the cancellation of the match. The specific compensation plan will be accounted for by Zhongchao Company and submitted to the Board of Directors of Zhongchao Company for consideration and decision.

Beijing Guoan is also the fourth abstaining team in the current round of Chinese Super League, after Hebei, Meizhou Hakka and Jinmen Tiger.