Paul Parker: Lingard did not receive any disrespect at Manchester United. He should apologize to the club.

In an interview with Bonuscode Bets, former Manchester United midfielder Paul Parker criticized Lingard’s criticism of Manchester United.
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph about the lack of time at Manchester United last season, Lingard said: “I don’t know why I didn’t play at Manchester United last season. I don’t know what the problem is.” to this day I still don’t get the answer. I didn’t ask myself. I want someone to tell me ‘that’s why you can’t play’ out of respect, but I’ve never been treated like this.
(assure me of a certain playing time) it’s a false promise. I trained hard and was in good shape and I was ready to play for Manchester United. It’s very frustrating when you work hard in training and don’t play in the end. ”
In this regard, Paul Parker said: “Lingard did not receive any disrespect at Manchester United, he said these things are completely wrong, he is a local boy, now he does not respect the club, rather than looking for reasons from himself.” Lingard is not fit to play for Manchester United and he needs to admit that instead of blaming the club, he said it was bullshit that the club did not tell him why he could not play.
You shouldn’t say that when talking about football. If he really wants to talk about it, he should talk to Neville. Seeing him publish these words in the newspaper is disrespect for the club, hoping that one day he will be mature enough to realize this, and then apologize to the club and the fans. ”