Pelé’s funeral, Neymar and Ronaldo only laid a wreath, and Brazil’s 94amp02 champion members were criticized for not being absent

January 4 According to Brazilian media reports, Pele’s death was held in Santos.
230,000 people participated, more than half of the city’s population. Brazilian President Lula also attended and delivered a speech.

However, all members of Brazil’s 94amp02 Brazil World Cup champions were absent from Pele’s funeral. Ronaldo, Romario, and Neymar all sent wreaths, but none of them attended Pele’s funeral.
Neymar stayed in Paris to participate in team training and asked his father to attend on his behalf, while the first two Brazilian stars did not explain why they could not attend the funeral.

This situation also aroused public criticism. The famous Brazilian football commentator and former Brazilian player Neto bluntly said: "How great Pele is. They are world champions. Don’t you come to see Pele? This is a lack of respect."

"Pelé is an idol in the world, but people in our country are uneducated. The members of the five crowns did not come, the members of the four crowns did not come (Mauro Silva attended as a member of the Sao Paulo Football Association), the coach of the Brazilian national team (here refers to Tite
) didn’t come, but many ordinary people did.”

"People have to understand that Pele is eternal. He is like Mandela, Gandhi, but many Brazilians don’t seem to know him."